How we started

Northside Bikes was started in October 2014 to meet the need of affordable, sustainable and ethical bike repairs for students of Leicester and those living North of the city centre where there are little or no cycle services. Started by engineering Graduate Christopher Dee we have always been based in the St. Matthews community where cycling is second only to football.


In the last 5 years we have been involved in more than 14 diffrent projects accross Leicester, fixed 1000's of bikes, run a bike shop, closed a bike shop (due to ill health), riden, crashed, laughed and looked daft on  hundreds of bikes and then opened the Bike Shed. It was freexing there and very cramped so we moved to our current home at the amazing Studioname in December 2019 and havent looked back since


We love cycling, fixing bikes, riding bikes and helping others to enjoy eveything around riding and maintaining a bike - want to know more have a look around our site or pop in and see us.


Our Ethos

We have three key Ethos that you will find in everything we try and do:


Being sustainable is importanat to us as this world is a gift from the creator for us to use for a while. As much as possible we re-use and recycle old bikes, parts and waste in community projects and repairs.


We are also proud to be the only supplier of Green Oils range of bike care products in Leicester, all of which are environmentally friendly and have a low carbon impact.

High quality repairs that dont cost a forturne

We think everyone should have a working bike and not have to pay a fortune to keep it running. At the bike shed and in the projects we run our costs are always trying to be affordable. As much as possible we want to be teaching others how to look after their own bike.


We love the community's of Leicester which is why we try to give back to them through the projects we are involed in. Cycling has always been a very community based activity, you can always stop your bike anywhere at anytime to talk to a friend so being involved in fixing bikes shouldn't be exclusive.