We love the diffrent communitys of Leicester and want to do all we can to help people enjoy cycling more, which is why we do community projects! Check out some of the projects we are currently doing or browse old projects, it might give you an idea for a project you want to start...


If you are intrested in starting a new bike project and need a partner, advise or just want to steal some ideas get in touch as we would love to be involved.

Current projects

Want to know what we are currently working on? Check out the projects below for current and upcoming community projects:


We are currently working at Enstruct trainings Vision Project teaching youg people who are outside of mainstream education how to fix, build and maintian bikes. On Tuesdays we work on a one-to-one basis and on Wednesdays we work with a few small groups, on both days we are  teaching everything from workshop safty to bike rebuilds.

Currently students who have been part of the project for a while are working on Re-cycling bikes, this involces taking them apart, re-painting the frame and then re-assembling and restoring all the parts on the bike. We rely on donated bikes to help us do this so if you have an old bike you would like to donate please get in touch.

Old vision workshop photo gallary

New Vision workshop photo gallery

Mowmacre playground

For the last 3 years we have been running repair sessions for children at Mowmacre playground in Mowmacre hill, this has been free for all the children who come to sessions at playground.

Coming soon....

Community tool box

Following the award of a £300 grant from Leicester city council we are please to be shortly anouncing a new project called community tool box.

St. Matthews Parks Day

This year is the 20th St.Matthews parks Day and we are really excited to be taking part in August, more infomation to follow later in the year

Summer Cycling festivals

This summer there are loads of cycling festivals and events happening accross the city and we are looking to be involved in a few diffrent events - more news coming soon.