Claud Butler are our go to brand for mountain and gravel biking, offering great quality, durable bikes designed by a brand with over 100 years of experience. We only have one bike currently in store and hope to change this soon, but click the logo to see the full range of Claud Butler bikes and get in touch if you would like to order one.

Claud Butler Edge HT

With frame sizes ranging from 14" up to 20", the Edge HT caters for everyone from teenagers and above. Using the same, lightweight alloy frame to it's little sibling, the Edge, this model also has the same 18 speed Shimano gears, EZ-Fire Plus shifters but is treated to suspension forks up front to help soften the blows out on the trails. Still offering great value, but also the spec to handle more rough and tumble.

About our bikes


Recycled Bikes

Recycles bikes are fully serviced by our team of expert mechanics so you know they are safe, working and ready to ride. We highly encourage test riding beforehand to ensure the bike suits you needs. These bikes come with a 1 month warranty, this excludes punctures or rider caused damage.


New Bikes

All new bikes are built and inspected by us before going on the shop floor so you know they are ready to ride. Alongside the manufactures warranty we offer a free 6 week check up to make sure your bike is working perfectly and deal with any issues that might come up.


Trade in

Want to save 10% off the cost of a new bike? Trade in your old bike and we will discount and New bike by 10%*


Bike Care Plans

Bike care plans are also available to purchase for £70 when you buy any new bike. This plan gives you 2 bronze services and 1 silver service in the first 12 months of owning the bike, helping to keep your new bike running perfectly and saving £15 off the cost of these services.


*Only applies to new bicycles. Bikes traded in must be of a similar size to the bike being purchased and in a reasonable condition. Bike being traded in must be bought to the store at time of purchase. Management reserve the right to refuse the discount based on the condition of the bike being traded in or remove this offer at any time without notice or warning.