Here are some of the projects we have worked on from 2014 - 2020, this page is a little messy at the moment and is being worked on so please bear with us.

2020 highlights!


2020 at Northside Bikes in review!



Last year was an incredible challenging, busy but exiting year for us as a community bike shop, here are a few of our highlights.




-Expanded our workshop and re-opened full time


-Fixed over 700 bikes for free for Leicester communities and key workers


-Serviced and loaned out 115 Bikes for #LeicesterBikeAid


-Expanded our range of parts and accessories


-Consulted on and purchased bike parking for Churchgate Artist Studios


-Started selling refurbished bikes to meet the demand for bikes


-Continued to offer affordable, quality bike repair and servicing to all our customers




We are looking forward to 2021 and already have lots of exciting plans for the year ahead but can only do it with the continued support of Leicester cyclists. To keep up with everything we are doing in 2021 follow us @northsidebikes




Leicester Bike Aid

We are please to have supported Leicester Bike aid during the Covid 19 Pandemic, this project was organised and funded by the leicester city council to support and provide safe transport for Key workers and other using the bike to get around during the pandemic.


Over the course of the project we serviced and repaired 115 bikes which have been loaned to Key workers free fo charge along with a lock and lights.


During the same time we have fixed for free 100 bikes for key workers and members of the public at weekly repair sessions over lockdown.

(March - November 2020)

The Big Bike Revival Summer 2020 to cycling uk we were able to provide regualr sessions at two projects over this summer


Working Enstruct trainings Vision Projects young people we taught them how to fix, build and maintian bikes. Working with small groups and individual young people in visions bike workshop we taught everything from punture repair to complete bike rebuilds to young people who are outside of mainstream education.

Students who had been part of the project for a while moved on to Re-cycling bikes, this involces taking them apart, re-painting the frame and then re-assembling and restoring all the parts on the bike.


Leicester Schools Projects

Across Leicester there are a number of projects to promote cycling in schools which culminate at the end of the school year for primary aged children in the Leicester schools bike ride. One of these projects involved offering free bike repairs to school children. We have been busy helping Sustrans with this in muiltiple schools from 2014 and it has been a privilege to see children get more into cycling  while riding safer bikes because of this project

(2014-present day)


Cranks was a project that we started in October 2014 to provide free bike repairs for children and young people in the St. Matthews community. The local church allowed us to use their car park as a base for the children to come to during the holidays. As well as fixing bikes we taught some of the young people how to fix bikes themselves.


Mowmacre playground

For the last 5 years we have been running repair sessions for children at Mowmacre playground in Mowmacre hill, this has been free for all the children who come to sessions at playground.

(2015-present day)


Partnering up with the sustainable transport team on the last Thursday and Friday of the month we brough a mobile workshop to campus to offer repairs and servincing to students and staff alike.


St. Matthews Cycle Day

On the 17th August 2015 we were pleased to host the first ever St. Matthews Cycle Day on Bushy park. Taking place in a week of free community events local residents were able to have their bikes repaired for free, try out a range of bikes and get information about cycling from Sustrans and have a go on some Static bikes. In the following years this event has been merged into a cycling festival run every summer by sustrans accross various parks in the city which we take part in.

These pictures are from the cycle day and other cycle events in St.Matthews