Regular maintenance and servicing are the best ways to keep your bike in top condition and saving you from having to splash out for expensive repairs. We recommend you bring your bike into the shop 4 times a year for a service along with regular maintenance checks at home.


We have three different levels of servicing that we offer depending on your bikes condition:


Bronze Service

-Brake Adjustment

-Remove brakes from brake boss and grease (Rim brakes only)

-Tighten rotor bolts, clean rotor and pads (Disc brakes only)

-Gear Adjustment

-Lubricate chain and check for wear

-Check Bottom bracket for play and adjust as necessary

-Crank bolts tighten

-Tighten and check stem and handlebars for play. Grease where necessary

-Grease seat post

-Grease Pedals


Silver Service

-Includes Bronze service +

-Gear and brake cables replaced where needed

-Wheels trued and aligned where necessary

-Oil top up (Hydraulic brakes only)



Golds Service*

Includes Silver service +

-Bottom Bracket Service

-Wheel hubs Service